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Consulting and Investigation Services


John Haney

I have worked with John on a number of projects. I have always appreciated John’s drive and determination delivering a standard of excellence to everything he does. John is approachable and keenly observant utilizing his training and experience from law enforcement to assess situations and to appraise individual actions and motivations. John’s friendly, easy going manner, allows him to disarm and de-escalate situations and allow individuals to fully participate in interviews and work sessions rather than superficial discussions that do not deal with the root cause. John is then able to use both written and spoken communication to distill complex ideas and strategies into language accessible to a broad audience elevating understanding and performance.

Senior Executive, Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

I have over 20 years’ experience in leadership positions and have been exposed to many outstanding individuals. John ranks right up there with the brightest minds I have ever worked with. He has an outstanding academic background and possesses a tremendous wealth of real life experiences which allow him to manage change, including shifting demands and priorities, and environmental ambiguity with ease. Be prepared to answer questions as he will strive to ensure your organization completes work that is meaningful to your core, as he is always looking for ways to uncover value by aligning operations with your strategic goals. For any organization seeking to improve, he will make an immediate difference in your organization.

Senior Executive, Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis

April Diver

April Diver was a pleasure to work for, her leadership was balanced and fair. Alberta Emergency Alert was a program handed to her and along with my help as well as others, we launched a new system in a short window of time to much success. While not a technical Program Manager, her knowledge of the protocols and languages of the new tools were extraordinary and I learned many great things from April. Her planning and organization kept us on track for a very short timeline with many new technological tools as well as communications with volunteer broadcasters, made the program a success. I'm happy to have worked with her and would do so, in an instant, once again.

Senior Analyst, Alberta Emergency Alert

Vern Elliott

I have worked with Vern on intergovernmental initiatives and during disaster response. Vern has the ability to identify opportunities and propose unique solutions while garnering consensus within a group. He was instrumental in developing a trilateral partnership which has resulted in reduced costs through resource and expense sharing while maintaining best practices of the partners. He continues to encourage the trilateral partners to improve the product and outcome of their shared practices by identifying additional prospective enhancements which will result in further process improvements.

Fire Services Executive, City of St. Albert

Iain Bushell

Iain is committed to continuous learning and improvement, for himself, and the organizations and teams that he leads. This commitment translates into organizational innovation, empowerment, and adaptive strategic planning. He has a balanced approach to change management, consistently demonstrating an understanding of people’s capacity for change, while also striving for growth through calculated risk taking.

Iain quickly establishes himself as a trustworthy and ethical leader. His authenticity and his consistency in following through on what he says builds confidence with his staff, peers, and partners. He has extensive experience working with, and leading, multi-disciplinary teams. While Iain has honed his critical thinking and exceptional organizational skills within the Emergency Services field, these highly developed skills are also equally relevant to the challenges faced by business, all orders of government, and the not-for profit sectors.

Community and Social Services Official, Government of Alberta