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Consulting and Investigation Services


First Response & Emergency Management Services

 You will always receive the highest level of service. We don’t settle for less. We take exceptional pride in the quality of our reviews and investigations. We are committed to earning your trust and confidence. We want you to return when in need, or recommend our service to others, because we delivered on expectations.

Strategic Review Services

We examine organizations and support transformational change. We are methodical and strategic in our approach to ensure an immediate return on your investment. The 360° lens will strategically position your organization to manage risk and achieve objectives. Our reports are of the highest quality and bestow confidence.



Experts in process and program improvement, we mitigate risk by assessing, designing and building effective first-response and emergency management programs and strategies for businesses and organizations. We conduct strategic reviews, and provide advice, to first response groups (police, fire, ambulance and security services) on emergency operations. We support:

  • Change management leadership
  • Post-incident review and analysis
  • Hazard vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Identification of risk mitigation strategies
  • Program evaluation and process improvement


Available to individuals, businesses and organizations, our investigators are highly skilled and offer a bias-free approach. We commit to a rigorous investigative process, discerning fact from opinion, and providing clients with information to support decisions. If you wish to challenge, or better understand, an investigation we will conduct a review on your behalf. Investigations, or services, we are authorized to perform include:

  • Accidents and personal injury
  • Damaged or stolen property
  • Backgrounds and whereabouts of people
  • Organizations
  • Conducting surveillance


Available to businesses, organizations and first-response agencies, we conduct workplace culture assessments to determine alignment with corporate values and objectives. We also investigate the following workplace concerns:

  • Abuse of authority
  • Workplace toxicity
  • Assessing risk or disturbing behaviours
  • Matters of organizational risk or reputational harm
  • Respectful workplace complaints (harassment, bullying, intimidation, discrimination)

Professional Development

Our experts have occupied senior leadership roles, including executive positions, in the police, fire, medical and emergency management domains. At ThreeSixty Analysis, we openly share our experiences as first responders and senior executives. We welcome the opportunity to serve in a coach-mentor role. Opportunities include:

  • Keynote speaker engagements
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Curriculum design and evaluation
  • Post-incident debriefing and training assessment


We are uniquely positioned to deliver, and customize, first-responder and emergency management training for:

  • Security and protective services groups
  • Police, fire and ambulance personnel
  • Emergency management professionals
  • Individuals, business and organizations

We also provide senior leaders, C-Suite personnel, and elected officials with specialized training on emergency management, crisis communications, leadership and supporting critical events.

JSE & OCDP Preparation

At ThreeSixty, we support aspiring police leaders in pursuit of career objectives. We unlock the strategies that help you achieve your goals. Services include:

  • Exam Preparation
  • Cover Letters
  • Competency Resumes
  • OCDP & Panel Interviews
  • Professional Coaching Services

We offer an independent lens, providing detailed feedback and expert advice. Our services are highly personalized and strictly confidential.

ThreeSixty Analysis is a certified training centre for the
Alberta Basic Security Training Course (ABST) and Alberta Professional Investigator Training Course (AIT).